What is the goal of the Fellowship?

The Fellowship is a project-based training program designed to produce data scientists with strong skills in solving real-world problems and an understanding, excitement, and passion for solving problems with social impact. We have three goals (prioritized in that order): Training Fellows: We want to help create the next generation of data scientists who have the [...]

What is the culture of the Fellowship?

Collaborative, Creative, and Inclusive. We know we don't know everything and want everyone involved to shape the Fellowship. We're open to ideas, criticism, and help. Yes, we are data-driven but more than that, we're problem-driven. We care about impact and how our work is used to improve society.

What happens during the Fellowship?

Most of the summer, Fellows work with their team on their project. We augment that with lectures, hands-on workshops, seminars (from local and visiting guests), happy hours (with the local tech, data science, non-profit, and government communities), meet-ups, field trips, and other social activities (sailing trips, tours, concerts, etc.). Some of these are planned in [...]

What are the start and end dates for the Fellowship?

We typically start at the end of May and continue until the end of August. This year fellows will start on May 29th and finish on August 25th. We have an alternate (later) start date, June 12, only for students coming from quarter system schools. The end date for them is September 1st. See: Important Dates and [...]

Where does the Fellowship take place?

Downtown Chicago. This allows Fellows to experience the summer in the city as well as interact with Government, Non-Profit, Tech, and Data communities in Chicago.

How competitive is admission to the DSSG summer Fellowship program?

Last year, we read 900 applications to fill 42 places in our 2016 DSSG fellows cohort.

Can I take a week off during the summer for a conference, wedding, etc.?

No. We can make some exceptions for time away of less than 3 days total during the summer, but spending a week away from the work is not fair to the other 2-3 fellows on your project. If you need to be gone for a week during the summer, this may not be the summer [...]

Will there be information sessions for potential applicants?

Yes, we are hosting information sessions online for fellows and potential project partners on December 19th. You can RSVP here.

I have read all the FAQs, but I still have a question

If you are certain that your question is not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions,  contact us. If your question is in the FAQs,  we may give you a hard time about it and may not answer your email