What is the profile for an ideal mentor?

An ideal mentor has a strong technical background, typically PhD (in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Social Science, or Public Policy) and several years of  industry experience. We want mentors to have real-world problem solving experience as well as experience in leading teams and working with students and industry partners. Basically, we're looking for experienced, smart, [...]

Are mentor positions full-time or part-time?

Our priority is to have full-time mentors. These are paid, full-time positions. We welcome part-time volunteer mentors as well but need strong, full-time mentors for the Fellowship to be successful.

Are mentors paid?

Yes, full-time mentors are paid positions. Part-time mentors are volunteer positions and not paid.

What is the role of mentors in the Fellowship?

Mentors are a critical component of the Fellowship. Each mentor leads (typically two) teams of Fellows and serves as a project lead and technical adviser. Mentors also help us design the activities over the summer and are an integral part of the organizing team.