/Project Managers

Are project manager positions full time or part time?

Project Managers are paid, full-time positions.

What is the ideal profile for a project manager?

An ideal project manager has a strong technical background and exposure to technology or data science projects, and several years of industry or consulting experience. We want people who are used to working in an agile, fast paced, start-up like environments with experience managing multiple projects at once. Basically, we’re looking for experienced, detail-oriented, smart, [...]

Are there volunteer positions available for project managers?

No. While we appreciate individuals interested in part-time or volunteer positions, we can only accept applicants able to work full-time for the duration of the summer.

What is the role of project managers in the Fellowship?

Project managers manage 4 projects simultaneously with 4 different project partners (clients) and a team of 12 -16 fellows.