Building a Deeper Police Early Intervention System

Fellows: Thomas Ralph Davidson, John Henry Hinnefeld, Edward Yoxall
Mentor: Jen Helsby, Joe Walsh
Project Manager: Allison Weil
Project Partner: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

In 2015, DSSG participated in the White House Police Data Initiative, partnering with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) to build a better “early intervention system” (EIS). These systems help police departments determine which officers are at risk of an adverse incident — such as a sustained citizen complaint, excessive use of force, or on-duty injury — so that they can receive additional training and assistance before these events occur. Last year’s project used anonymized data about officers, arrests, complaints, and other local measures to produce a new model for CMPD that predicts risk with more true positives and fewer false positives than their current system.

This summer, our continued partnership with CMPD will further refine the EIS, improving results and adding additional detail to the system. For example, we will further develop the model’s dispatch-level predictions, identifying factors on a given shift that may raise the potential for a subsequent adverse incident. The team will also work with the Nashville DSSG team on building a more robust EIS that can be modified to work with data from additional police departments in the future.