Matchmaking between patients and doctors in a large healthcare network

Fellows: Manas Gaur, Mengxin Ji, Iñigo Martinez de Rituerto de Troya
Mentor: Qiwei Han
Project Manager: Laura Szczuczak
Project Partner: José de Mello Saúde

Jose de Mello Saude (JMS) is one of the largest private healthcare corporations in Portugal, currently managing 9 hospitals (2 of which under a Public-Private Partnership agreement with the Ministry of Health) and 8 clinics.

The project focuses on optimizing matchmaking between patients and doctors by developing an automated mediation service. The model will match general practitioners with patients based on their characteristics and past doctor/patient interactions. The objective is to increase the likelihood of long-lasting relationships, preventive medicine and quality of follow ups.

Anonymous data about patients, medical doctors and their interactions during the last 5 years is provided by Jose de Mello Saude.