Preventing Juvenile Interactions with the Criminal Justice System

Fellows: Reza Borhani, Yaeli Cohen, Onyi Lam, Hareem Naveed
Mentor: Ali Vanderveld, Kevin Wilson
Project Manager: Chad Kenney
Project Partner: City of Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee recently integrated data from across several different departments and systems into a unified platform called DataShare. Information from the health department, police, district attorney’s office, pretrial records, and many more sources can now be combined for analyses that inform city policy and operations and improve quality of life for Milwaukee residents.

DSSG is working with Milwaukee officials on applying this data resource towards intervening with at-risk youth and reducing juvenile crime. The analysis will combine data from Milwaukee’s public schools and DA’s office with neighborhood measures and other sources to determine factors that elevate or reduce the risk of entering the criminal justice system, and identify students in MPS that would benefit from additional support to prevent juvenile citations.